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Key Aspects

Bonneville Control Room.jpg


Bonneville Powerhouse 1 Control Room Fire Protection

Contract Number: W9127N18C0021

Contract Value: $4,145,000

Location: Bonneville Dam, OR

​Design and installation of a fire alarm system that includes

new fire alarm control panel, addressable intelligent fire alarm devices, and aspirating smoke detection.

Key Aspects


National Park Service

Snake River LC- Beaver Creek

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: 



Yellowstone National Park

Design Build historical restoration at a remote site. Work included installing new foundation under suspended building as well as log replacement and refurbishment to existing structures. 

Key Aspects

Key Aspects

Bureau of Reclamation

Grand Coulee Roof Replacement

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: 



Grand Coulee, WA

​Includes removing and disposing of the existing urethane roof assembly, repairing any concrete damage to the existing structural tees, furnish, and install a new fully adhered roof system.


Mud Mountain Dam Radial Gate Rehab

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: 



Mud Mountain  Dam, WA

Key Aspects

​The removal, refurbishment and reinstallation of the existing hydraulic cylinder of Radial Gate 1 on Mud Mountain Dam.

Mud Mountain 2.jpg

Design-build removal & replacement of a 40Ksf standing seam metal roof system with additional insulation & waterproofing, removal & installation of bird deterrent


B1950 Roof Replacement Naval Station Everett

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: 



Everett Naval Station, WA

Key Aspects

Key Aspects

Water infiltration gallery consisting of 300lf of deep buried horizontal well and manhole pump station, yard piping, a concrete structure packed column aerator and electrical

Bureau of Reclamation

Entiat Infiltration Gallery

Contract Number:


Contract Value: 



Entiat National Fish Hatchery, WA

​Included constructing a paved bypass where a road had washed out and armoring the bank to prevent further erosion

National Park Service

Gros Ventre Road Stabilization

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: 



Grand Teton NP, WY

Key Aspects

Key Aspects

GSA Design Build Foley 5th Floor Tenant Improvements

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: 



Spokane, WA 

​Design-Build historical tenant improvement project in 3890 sq. ft. occupied space. This project included demo, MEP, framing, drywall, new HVAC and acoustics systems.  


Key Aspects

Modernization of  the electronic control system which operate the radial gate, allowing interface with the new Allen Bradly operational standards. 


Spillway Gate Controls 

Contract Value: 



Seattle, WA


Key Aspects


John Day Unwatering Pump Replace

Contract Number: 


Contract Value: $1,684,691.93


John Day Dam, OR 

Replacements of pump, shafts, pipes, and additional components of pump #1 and #2 at John Day Dam. Parts had to be craned in through openings above dam.


Hatfield Air Barrier Construction 

Contract Number: 47PL0122F0002

Contract Value: $3,552,677.40

Location: Portland, OR 

Auto/Bus Building Lobby and Refresh Cargo Building Office  

Contract Number: 47PL0120F0047

Contract Value: $1,567,653.00

Location: LPOE Blaine, WA 

Oroville Fire Alarm & Security Upgrades 

Contract Number:47PL0120F0071

Contract Value: $2,669,859.73

Location: Oroville, WA 

Eastport High-Low Booths 

Contract Number: 47PL0120F0073 

Contract Value: $955,480.00

Location: Eastport, ID


US Trustees Tenant Improvement EGWW Federal Building  

Contract Number: 47PL0119F0025

Contract Value: $1,234,004.34

Location: Portland, OR 


Rehabilitate Heart O' Hills Water and Wastewater System

Contract Number: 140P8322C0013

Contract Value: $3,220,845.84

Location: Olympic National Park, WA

Elk Creek Marina Dock Replacement 

Contract Number: P15PC00871

Contract Value: $1,133,000

Location: Gunnison, CO

Jenny Lake Comfort Station Renovation

Contract Number: P17PD01500

Contract Value: $236,000

Location: Grand Teton National Park, WY


Mesa Verde Sewer System

Contract Number: P16PD03456

Contract Value: $313,000

Location: Mesa Verde National Park, CO

Rehabilitate Logan Pass Visitor Center 

Contract Number: 140P1421F0108

Contract Value: $340,985.00

Location: Glacier National Park, MT


Heavy Equipment Shed and Administration Compound Improvements 

Contract Number: WP12PP20P0050

Contract Value: $249,833.00

Location: Trinidad, CO 

Bonneville Powerhouse 1 Elevator 2 Ventilation 

Contract Number: W9127N19C0002

Contract Value: $404,113.00

Location: Bonneville Dam, OR

Little Goose & Lower Granite Dam Fishway Control

Contract Number: W912EF-15-C-0008

Contract Value: $303,000

Location: Dayton, WA


John Day Dam Control Room Fire Protection 

Contract Number: W9127N21C0016 

Contract Value: $2,343,854.00

Location: John Day Dam, OR 


Repair Roofs at Fort Carson Army Post 

Contract Number: W9128F21F0020

Contract Value: $766,070.53

Location: Colorado Springs, CO 


Chemawa Indian School Security Upgrades 

Contract Number: A12PC00605

Contract Value: $253,000

Location: Salem, OR

Chemawa Design Build Concession Stand

Contract Number: A15PC00081

Contract Value: $775,000

Location: Salem, OR

Lapwai Site Utility Repairs 

Contract Number: 140A1218C0006

Contract Value: $523,096.00

Location: Lapwai, ID 

Chemawa Roof Coating and Interior Repairs 

Contract Number: A16PC00128

Contract Value: $696,467.00

Location: Salem, OR

Chemawa Indian School Fence Upgrades 

Contract Number: A12PC00208

Contract Value: $146.421.00

Location: Salem, OR 


Everett Naval Station Re-Roof B2114

Contract Number: N44255-14-R-6017

Contract Value: $168,000

Location: Everett Naval Station, WA

Armory IDS System Installation

Contract Number: N44255-14-P-6014

Contract Value: $25,000

Location: Yakima Training Center, WA

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