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About RJS Construction

A Woman & Native American Owned Small Business

Where it All Began –

RJS Construction, Inc. was founded in 1990 by wife and husband team Shannon & Richard Sevigny. Since then, RJS has successfully delivered general and design-build construction projects across the Western United States. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our construction services and our ability to develop and maintain sound client relationships. These strong relationships have resulted in over 90% of our clients return again as customers. We firmly believe this client loyalty is a testament to our commitment to safety, our dedication to quality and an understanding of our clients’ needs.

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A Timeline of RJS Construction's History

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A Culture of Safety

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Safety First – Always

At RJS, safety is not an option; it is an obligation of every member of the team to keep themselves, the job-site, the field crews, and the public around them safe. RJS plans safety into all that we do and requires each employee, design firm, subcontractor and site visitor to take safety just as seriously. It is because of this safety culture that we have had one time-loss accident in over thirty years of business and zero time-loss claims in over twenty years.

What Clients Say About Us

“I have learned to trust RJS, knowing that they are good stewards of the resources with which we have to work and I have learned to trust them implicitly, knowing they understand that we need to achieve the best possible results.”

“Above and beyond the quality of construction, we found RJS to be professional, courteous, punctual and practical. The construction was completed on time, and there were no surprises”

“…what was most impressive was RJS’s constant follow-up after the job was complete to make sure my staff and I were pleased with the results and that nothing had been overlooked.”

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