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National Park Service

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Key Aspects 

National Park Service

Snake River LC- Beaver Creek

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Contract Value: 



Yellowstone National Park

Design Build historical restoration at a remote site. Work included installing new foundation under suspended building as well as log replacement and refurbishment to existing structures. 


​Included constructing a paved bypass where a road had washed out and armoring the bank to prevent further erosion

National Park Service

Gros Ventre Road Stabilization

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Grand Teton NP, WY

Key Aspects

Additional Projects

Hatfield Air Barrier Construction 

Contract Number: 47PL0122F0002

Contract Value: $3,552,677.40

Location: Portland, OR 

Auto/Bus Building Lobby and Refresh Cargo Building Office  

Contract Number: 47PL0120F0047

Contract Value: $1,567,653.00

Location: LPOE Blaine, WA 

Oroville Fire Alarm & Security Upgrades 

Contract Number:47PL0120F0071

Contract Value: $2,669,859.73

Location: Oroville, WA 

Eastport High-Low Booths 

Contract Number: 47PL0120F0073 

Contract Value: $955,480.00

Location: Eastport, ID


US Trustees Tenant Improvement EGWW Federal Building  

Contract Number: 47PL0119F0025

Contract Value: $1,234,004.34

Location: Portland, OR 

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