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GSA LPOE Laurier Concrete & Pavement Striping Project Update

GSA approved the 100% drawings on March 18th, 2024. RJS had a premobilization meeting onsite with subcontractors, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and GSA on March 25th, 2024. During the project review meeting, and prior to the Notice to Proceed (NTP), RJS Superintendent, Mark Campbell, caught and suggested a betterment option, observing that an additional drive lane was needed for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) around the posterior of the building.

RJS coordinated the suggested betterment changes with the project designers and GSA effectively and efficiently. The approved changes in design and funding were both accomplished within one week, prior to the groundbreaking event that occurred on April 1st, 2024.

This demonstrates a prime example on why RJS places a profound emphasis on mandatory premobilization and coordination meetings during project kick-off. The communication efforts between RJS, CBP, GSA, and additional subcontractors shed light on a CBP betterment that may have been overlooked and identified too late in the project schedule to alter. This prevented two

major interruptions:

1. Additional Time to the Project Schedule – catching this betterment early did not hinder progress of the project.

2. Exceeding the Project Budget – because the cost of the work was priced prior to work being started, the governments was allowed time to adjust their budget early.


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Carl Bakken
Carl Bakken
13 may

I've have my airplane parked at Laurier (Avey Field airport) in a T-hangar there. Someone left a blue"honey bucket" that had been used behind the hangar. I moved it near one of the backhoes being used there. Later found it moved to in front of the hangar. there were bathroom in the Customs building. The heavy trucks that were turning between the hangar and the runway access gate that I use to taxi on has some ruts and holes worn into it, not real bad, but now I will have to fill in those before I use it.

Just to let you know.

Carl Bakken

Me gusta
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