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Bonneville Control Room.jpg


Bonneville Powerhouse 1 Control Room Fire Protection

Contract Number: W9127N18C0021

Contract Value: $4,145,000

Location: Bonneville Dam, OR

National Park Service

Snake River LC- Beaver Creek

Contract Number: 140P1418C0017

Contract Value: $2,747,000

Location: Yellowstone National Park

Bureau of Reclamation

Grand Coulee Roof Replacement

Contract Number: 140R10-19-C-0002

Contract Value: $9,111,000

Location: Grand Coulee, WA


McNary Fishway Stoplogs

Contract Number: W912EF-15-C-0015

Contract Value: $855,000

Location: McNary Dam, Umatilla/Benton


B1950 Roof Replacement Naval Station Everett

Contract Number: N44255-14R-6043

Contract Value: $1,158,000

Location: Everett Naval Station, WA

National Park Service

Gros Ventre Road Stabilization

Contract Number: P17PD03056

Contract Value: $781,000

Location: Grand Teton NP, WY

Bureau of Reclamation

Entiat Infiltration Gallery

Contract Number: R17PC00106

Contract Value: $3,131,000

Location: Entiat National Fish Hatchery, WA

Fairchild Air-Force Base

FY15 Airfield Striping

Contract Number: FA4620-14-D-B004-0004

Contract Value: $619,000

Location: Fairchild Air-Force Base, WA

Yakama Nation

Legends Casino Childcare Facility

Contract Number: SB-12291003

Contract Value: $2.5 Million

Location: Toppenish, WA


Little Goose Adult Fishway Controls

Contract Number: W912EF-15-C-0008

Contract Value: $304,000

Location: Dayton, WA

Lake Washington Ship Canal 

Ballard Locks Viewing Area

Contract Value: $790,000

Location: Seattle, WA