National Park Service - NPS

Gros Ventre Road Stabilization

LOCATION:  Grand Teton National Park, WY
VALUE: $781,000

SCOPE: Roadway subbase construction, base prep with asphalt paving, and the armoring of the river, with riprap and stream barbs. Constructing a paved bypass where a road had washed out and armoring the bank to prevent further erosion. Construction of 900ft of road including managing the flow of traffic during all phases of construction. The surface had to be raised several feet in some locations to support the new road alignment. The project included the construction of one drainage culvert under the road. 


  • Traffic Control
  • Roadway Construction/Repair

  • Self-Performance

Jenny Lake Comfort Station Renovation

LOCATION:  Grand Teton National Park, WY
VALUE: $236,000

SCOPE: Complete interior renovation of 1000sf comfort station. Replacing and repairing interior walls with FRP over top of CMU, concrete floor demo, new concrete stained and sealed flooring, and total window replacement included all new window framing.  Project also included completely new exhaust system, heating system, plumbing fixtures, piping and drains as well as total removal and replacement with new ADA and non-ADA restroom partitions, vanities, lavatories, toilet fixtures, urinal fixtures, light bars, hand dryers, changing stations, and bathroom accessories.  


  • Remote Site

  • Extreme Weather Conditions

  • Multiple Disciplines

  • Renovation

Mesa Verde Sewer System

LOCATION: Mesa Verde National Park, CO
VALUE: $313,000

SCOPE: Rehabilitated portions of the Far View sewer system at Mesa Verde National Park; rehabilitated lining mainly 4-inch vitrified clay pipe & some 6-inch cast iron pipe using a cured in place pipe lining process. Work also included open excavation installation of PVC pipe where necessary & manhole installation & lining. Included in the project was the demolition of a lift station and installation of a manhole at the Chapin Mesa CCC area.


    • Occupied Space
    • Rehabilitation

    Replace Docks & Slips at Keller Ferry

    CONTRACT: #P14PC00386
    LOCATION:  Lake Roosevelt, WA
    VALUE: $495,000
    COMPLETION: 2015

    SCOPE: Project included the fabrication, delivery, anchoring and float testing of a new 42 space, moorage dock system and gangway. 42 new slips ranging in length from 25’–35’, 1 fixed and 1 hinged gangway. Utility pedestals at each slip that included potable water & 30amp electrical hook-up. Design accommodated 20’ of elevation change & extremely high winds. Galvanized steel dock frames.  Security gate at gangway entrance.


      • Design-Build
      • Multiple Disciplines