General Services Administration - GSA

Oroville Sidewalk Replacement

CONTRACT: #GS-10P-12-XC-P-0017
LOCATION:  Oroville, WA
VALUE: $30,000

SCOPE: Removed and replaced a concrete sidewalk/bus off loading ramp,  at the Oroville Boarder Station.  The existing colored concrete sidewalk was damaged and needed to be replaced.  RJS removed the existing sidewalk and poured new colored concrete to match the existing sidewalks. 


  • Special Security Requirements
  • Selective Demolition

  • Occupied Space

  • Colored Concrete

  • Working Hour Restrictions

Bankruptcy Court Audio Visual Infrastructure

CONTRACT: #GS-10P-12-XC-P-0039
LOCATION:  Spokane, WA
VALUE: $48,000

SCOPE: Installed audio visual infrastructure for a court room in Spokane, WA.  Conduit runs were made within the Judge, Recorder, and Clerk's desks.  New carpeted was installed in the elevated areas of the court room.  All penetrations were fire caulked.


  • Special Security Requirements

  • Low Voltage

Grand Forks AFB Office Relocation & Renovation

CONTRACT: #GS-00P-13-LY-C-0008
VALUE: $598,000

SCOPE: Provided Design-Build services for the renovation of existing space and relocation of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel and assets.  The project included the renovation of approximately 5,000 square feet of existing space to accommodate the CBP Air Marine Branch.  The project also included the design and construction of new security systems to include CCTV, Intrusion Detection & Access Control.  RJS also provided the design & space planning to utilize existing furniture. 


    • Design-Build with associated architectural and engineering
    • Multiple Disciplines
    • Renovation
    • Security System

    Eastport Border Station Flooring

    CONTRACT: #GS-10P-16-XC-P-7011
    LOCATION:  Eastport, ID
    VALUE: $47,000
    COMPLETION: 2016

    SCOPE: Moved and replaced all furnishings, equipment, and supplies. Removed covers on existing flush floor outlets and re-installed cover plates upon completion of work. Install high performance solid robber floor tile with raise features. Prepared walled and provided and installed new rubber base molding.


      • Self-Performance
      • Occupied Space