Airfield Striping

Contract: #FA4620-14-D-B004-0004
Location:  Fairchild Air-Force Base
Value: $619,000
Completion: 2015

  • Prime Design-Build Contractor

  • Self-performed 20%

  • Renovation, Alteration, Repair

  • Pavement, Pavement Markings

  • Multiple Disciplines

Fairchild Air Force Base - FAFB

Fairchild Air Force Base - FAFB

Scope: RJS was the Prime Contractor for complete removal of painted markings and blackout of painted markings. Captured, analyzed, and disposed of all associated debris and wastewater; controlled particulate matter during paint removal; method(s) of waste characterization; and helped determine capture and disposal methods. To avoid damaging the asphalt, all paint removal on asphalt pavements was done by grinding. Laid out work for new markings on specified areas of the airfield. Provided traffic paint, reflective media and non-skid media in designated areas. Provided two coats of paint on all new paint areas and areas where paint was removed and being replaced. Provided one coat on areas with existing paint (not being removed). Protected traffic paint until dry and hardened sufficiently to withstand traffic. Several government employees, including Contracting, CE, and Airfield Management, stated that the quality was top notch and the best they have seen in years. It was further, specifically stated that this was the best striping project the end user had to date.